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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cadillac Ciel Concept Car

Of all things known to guitar god Jimi Hendrix, he used during his brief visit to Earth, Cadillacs were among the favorites. Offering a blend of inspired inventiveness and special presence, huge land yachts painted in candy colors were a means of transport suitable for its psychedelic genius.
Cadillac convertibles sold nearly 200,000 per year in those days - the huge De Ville or Eldorado, with enough space inside to accommodate a football team and as an engine large enough to consume a gallon of gasoline before I went out and back the garage. Not only the Woodstock speakers thundered, but the U.S. economy went very well. And Cadillac was a symbol of success that generation.

But not last long. Hendrix died in 1970, several years before Cadillac started to lose its luster, a victim of the fuel crisis of the 70s. Sure, was a loss for music, but certainly Jimi would have suffered to see how his favorite brand prăvălească began to lower and lower, in an area completely dull.

Cadillac has rediscovered mojo to the turn of the century by angular CTS, calmer version of the concept Evoq keeping and lack of curves on approach to design. The only round things on the car are the wheels and steering wheel, but that gives it character - and aggressive - which fits perfectly with the performance and handling, the European competition.

So Relax Cadillac unduitorul and Ciel (for repeaters, this means "sky" in French) that you see in front came more as a shock than a surprise. Now, Caddy sees the lines of right and suddenly appears this fabulous piece of metal and lifestyle that makes us all ask ourselves how to use?

Part of the process of looking for a new Cadillac their mantra around which to focus the brand on this user. "All our competitors go on one basic feature," says Clay Dean, global design director for Cadillac. "BMW's driving pleasure going on; Audi Vorsprung durch Technik says. All they do is to reinforce that idea. So we wondered which is the basic quality of a Cadillac? What was desirable Cadillacurile their time? We were kings of luxury and design visionary, flamboyant. That was ".

Dean's view is that the current Cadillac models were far too much of this DNA sumptuous and must return. "What we are doing is great, because luxury is evolving, but we need to do to reinforce this position? Luxury large. That will do. This makes the best ".

Rather than come up with images of past models for inspiration, says Dean looked at the current Cadillac lineup. Which vehicle has caught your eye as the leitmotif of the entire range and is in a subtle way on the design for Cadillac Ciel? There was a coupe or sedan. Or a break. It was ... Escalade.

While I imagine a Matryoshka doll shaped SUV, which contains the full range of 2020 Caddy, Dean explains choice. "Cadillac Escalade values ​​approaching - size, luxury and presence. So that's the concept behind Ciel and the following Cadillac models to be derived from it, be it other concepts or even production versions. It's a return to that provider ".

Well, it went great with Cadillac Ciel. Undoubtedly the most successful concept from this year's Pebble Beach Concours, this slice of modern Americanism made the billionaires present there to hustle just to take a look to them. Then, after they saw it, wanted and buy it.

It is unclear which of the features of the concept is drawing the loudest, but had a choice. Being a four-door convertible and four-seat, is on its wheels 22-inch long place left empty by the late Lincoln Continental. Its design is not complete rejection of angular trend current Cadillac models, but softens and adds elegance which it diminishes to nothing in this - can only aggression.

The key is the long line that goes the entire length of the car and take up close to the rear. But the sensation is supplied when you look over and you sit inside it. The two nickel rails spanning the length of the machine arch slightly from bow to stern, making the car appear to envelop you.

Overall design is but one reductionist, without any edge or handle to stop the flow from the outside look. Light makes the job more complicated, subtle surface reperând any changes. Door handles are integrated into the top rails and doors are jump out, parallel machine, before you pivot on hinges to reveal access to huge fabulously spacious inside.

With a wheelbase 30 inches longer than the CTS sedan and almost equal to that of a Jaguar XJ L, enough space to lie down, to remove your shoes and enjoy the ride in full of taste in Cabernet color and olive wood inserts. Receive back seat video screens, a central armrest with interchangeable components, ranging from support for cigars and drinks to a closet. There are cashmere scarves that come when the weather demands it and disappear as soon as the occupants neck warmed enough.

In front is the same story with classic dials flanked by a handful of screens. There is a larger screen for passengers and a few other interesting ideas but is a general feeling of serenity and discreet luxury. Like you just stepped on a boat and get ready to walk in a tranquil pond.

Once set in motion, sensation is magnified. The engine is a V6 3.6-liter bi-turbo of 425 hp, supported by a hybrid system powered by a lithium battery that works with all four wheels.

As a concept, yet is only so fast as to not lose a race with itself. But it is enough to trigger this car like a cartoon and make your dream come true. All that's missing are three friends and a distant destination. There is a roof of a rose-colored cloth which hid during our walk, but will be presented - along with other news - in all its glory at the Salon in LA in November.

Impressive is how well it manages to capture the spirit of Cadillac, both outside and inside. Many concepts look like ghosts of the designer with a company logo affixed to them. Remove emblem, and many may be from any other brand. Cadillac has not Ciel. A massive bot be dimmed a bit, but the vertical headlamps and flat surfaces make you understand that you are facing an example of what is best to offer GM.

Cadillac Ciel probability to go into production just received an impetus, rumors suggesting that GM has given the green light for cars older Omega platform. If the economy does not collapse again, this will bring a new top model in the Cadillac lineup and probably will provide a perfect base for the emergence of Cadillac Ciel. Or not.

As impressive as Cadillac Ciel, is only one of the three concepts that Cadillac will present the next three years - each performed at Pebble - describing the metal, carbon fiber and rubber, new philosophy Cadillac. Back to Dean ...

"When we analyzed the luxury, I reduced to three personifications" he says. "First, is travel, driving experience, to anticipate them and how you feel during them - this is meant to be explored by Cadillac Ciel. Then comes driving, which is the visceral feeling of being in control and how the vehicle responds driver. And finally, there arrival, how do you appearance, how you feel when you get to your destination. "

Representing travel, Cadillac Ciel drives not so much the thrill driver, as the emotions experienced by all car occupants. "It is anticipated travel to a beautiful place, while you will feel everything that happens around you," says Dean. "Vehiculli gives you the opportunity to have all these experiences and memories with your friends, and you bathe in luxury".

A thought like this, rather than a designer pen, led the design process. "I did not draw," says Dean. "I just wanted to set directions we can go form and Cadillac design language, so as to melt the surface angular look tough."

It would be difficult to say that has not succeeded. So far, citing Jimi Hendrix himself, allow me to kiss the sky ...

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