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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Volkswagen Golf 7 - First Details And Images

Is not long before German compact will move to a new generation modular adopting new technical platform that will be used subsequently in other models of the mark.
The seventh generation of the reference in the compact class, Volkswagen Golf 7 is on track for commercial production and no longer have to travel a great distance. Instead of spy photos and details inside the car, we have information as important, Volkswagen are presenting the first pictures and details about the technical platform of the machine. The chosen solution is a modular, called MQB, which we could all learn all, some time ago, that will be used in future sight Passat.

Home ownership is given of the technical platform for its flexibility, wheelbase, track width and seat position can be varied depending on the configuration model built. It seems that the Wolfsburg efficiency is a very important point on the list of engineers.

Thus, as we got used more than ten years the German, this technical platform will benefit many other models in the group, such as Beetle, Scirocco, Jetta, Touran, Sharan, Audi A3, Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia .

All engines that will accompany the MQB platform, regardless of the solution supply, diesel or gasoline, will be mounted transversely, which is adapted as well as to receive and hybrid or electric engines.

Furthermore, the platform will allow, on the same assembly line, to be constructed models of the different brands together. For example, a Seat Leon will be assembled immediately after a Volkswagen Golf, in the same factory.

With the new platform, Volkswagen will also present two completely new engines. The first one, the powerful four-cylinder gasoline MOB, with powers that will vary between 60 and 150 hp, which will use cylinder deactivation technology, a first for a four-cylinder engine.

Diesel unit, coded internally as MDB, will be available on a range of powers from 90 to 190 hp. The first manifestation of the MQB platform will be the future of Audi A3, whose premiere will take place at Geneva Motor Show this year.

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