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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mercedes-Benz SL 500 - All Information "Part 1"

Mercedes-Benz has so many words of praise of his newest creations that you wonder why other cars built next to it. Does age come to be, so you have to behave with elders, praise them constantly? It can, and if the explanation is valid for this case, it is fully justified.
The new Mercedes-Benz SL roadster ever built the most luxurious Mercedes-Benz is the most luxurious car in the current range and most spectacular convertible offered at this time. If you tend to say that Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster is worth all the characterizations above, think again. SL 500, tested here, is not high end of its range. He just was presented yesterday, is called 65 AMG SLS is built by his parents and has 621 hp.

Returning to the new generation of Mercedes-Benz SL, this is a difficult task. Using the current design language of the brand he must convince clients of super-luxury roadster that is a model of history behind it. The previous sign bearing the R 230 was marketed in more than 170,000 units and this figure is clearly affected by the new model. It will be difficult, because times have changed and in addition to strong economic fluctuations, SL is facing a fierce competition in the segment. BMW 6 Series is now much closer to the ultimate comfort of Mercedes-Benz SL, Porsche 911 Cabrio is faster than ever and the Aston Martin and Bentley still trumps their very strong.

But nobody behind Mercedes-Benz SL's history. Between 1954 and 1963 was sold famous Gullwing, indicative W 198, the biggest source of inspiration and pride of the Mercedes-Benz, perhaps the most beautiful production car of all time. Producing 215 hp from an engine of three liters, Gullwing was an absolute hit of his time. We are interested but since 1957 the 300 SL began to be built only as roadster. At the time SL 190 and SL 300 have found a total of 26,000 owners. Then came the famous Pagoda, W 113, produced between 1963 and 1971. He remained in history primarily due to extremely bold design for its time.

Pagoda was followed by the longest ever built Mercedes-Benz as part of a series of models. R 107, produced between 1971 and 1989, lasted 18 years on the market, coming up with numerous innovative safety technology. 237,287 units were sold in this generation. Then came the moment of R 129, which introduced the series roadster safety features impressive for its time.

It was the first convertible that was equipped with roll-bar operated automatic roll-over and the first car with seat belts with three-point seat integrated. It-was also the first model equipped with V12 gasoline. Since 2001, SL's history as the new model has completely changed since then, sold by the end of last year, R 230, was the first hard-top. The first Mercedes-Benz SL with Active Body Control's first super sports AMG version and a good time machine with the highest torque of the market - Mercedes-Benz 65 AMG.

His successor, R 231 is now coming to market with new innovations but also on preserving the quality of the SL's main intact - it should provide the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort. We are not talking about super-top version of the AMG but the classic 500 V8. He must be the most comfortable model in the segment and it can be among the fastest. And because it must, it is. Mercedes-Benz has succeeded again, even more than that it raises the class about a revolution. But talk about a revolution so pleasing, refined and luxurious as silk.

The more criticism you will receive the new Mercedes-Benz SL will be full of bias specific to each observer individually. Some will find new forms of car perhaps too bold. Some will love the first, some will say I'm ugly. It is not my case and do not say that car is ugly or beautiful. It is impressive from any angle you look, aggressive when viewed from the front and somewhat close to the Mercedes-Benz CLS when I look back. I do not know how they will resist new forms over time and many changes will have the facelift, it is certain that of all the SL's, this generation has the questionable design. Those who find beautiful but will throw in a verbal fight extremely important feature of the new model - drag coefficient of only 0.27 is an absolute record of the segment ...

Obviously, the classic recipe has been preserved. Is very long bonnet and two seats are pushed fully to the rear being narrowed as much as possible. To increase comfort inside the car and wheelbase dimensions increased slightly. The operation was successful and the two passengers now have more space to the legs and shoulders. The interior design is great. It is a good combination of classic and modern elements taken from the range (ventilation holes to SLK, CLS wheel, etc.) but even so not like anything in Mercedes-Benz SL.

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