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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI 4Matic

Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI 4MATIC is manufactured after a recipe that seems ideal.
There is already a very big and important core consists of people with real financial power. Obviously, most of us believe that an SUV is a perfect solution as a Status Indicator or any travel through the country with four seasons and portions of the road with real problems that you on any trip.
Automaticity already formed and expensive SUVs and expensive premium will always sell well because the core financial possibilities will never disappear. But even if so, these people, be they very potent and security, will try more and more to maintain their wealth and will not spend as before.

Already this is happening more than three years, automakers have come somewhat further support those who want to show off, will ultimate luxury again and again, but want the cars to no longer consume resources ferocious. Therefore, Porsche Cayenne Diesel sells excellent despite its exorbitant price. Therefore X5 and X6 M 50D will wreak havoc and therefore premium SUV four-cylinder engine, ML 250 BlueEFFICIENCY will write history.

But coming less the premium SUV classic pattern, there are many solutions for luxury cars that meet all modern requirements of a man's money without his having to buy an SUV. Today we will discuss just one of these cars, Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI 4MATIC, an alternative to ML 250 but not just any premium SUV. There are similar solutions to its direct competition but it's got something special qualities.

With a starting price of $ 69,703, taxes included, E 250 CDI 4MATIC can reach $ 90,000 if the car likes to control excessive optionals. In terms of price, this is the part of the margin that very many people spend when buying a new premium SUV. Very important for comfort, one of the qualities that a client seek SUV in this type of car, automatic transmission 7G-Tronic Plus is standard for this version of E.

Some will argue that the ground clearance of an SUV you can not have an E-Class, opting for air suspension for short periods of time, one can run the job is quite difficult. Even without AIRMATIC ground clearance is greater than a powered version. The difference is not great but 4MATIC version with standard suspension is sufficiently able to meet the needs of off-road SUV of a customer buys only one output in a rare off-road light.

Now test the E 250 CDI 4MATIC, I drove the 2.1-liter turbo engine on all models which he was mounted. After the test with S 250 CDI, I was convinced that this engine will have no other power problems Mercedes-Benz limousine. Equipped with the same engine, four-wheel drive E-Class with the brand does not disappoint at all.

With 204 hp and 500 Nm plus automatic transmission and traction 4Matic, E-Class reaches the 100 km / h with a starting place in 7.9 seconds and does not stop only at 238 km / h top speed. The engine is quiet once warmed and Antiphonary It's with this engine is very close to that of S's equipped with the same engine. To a rear-wheel drive version, there are departures from the line and without pin breakage due to high torque. A need is felt more power even if the car weighs 1830 kg for the style to float comfortably on the road of E's is a quality that you have all versions, regardless of engine.

Equipped with the standard suspension model proved to be very comfortable, nice and quiet. The four-cylinder will be heard just over 4,000 rpm presence but few will be times when you get there because the engine maximum torque is available in the range 1600-1800 rpm speed. Without making you drive and the driver on the road boring and without special sporting benefits, E 250 CDI 4Matic moves smooth refinement and not betray the presence of any second four-cylinder under the hood instead of V6.

I was never a fan-wheel drive cars but severe climate change ulitmilor years have shown that a 4x4 is more than welcome. In a normal run, quiet, the 4MATIC E acts as a propulsion and differences appear only limit oversteer cornering you before you get a show mis understeer. But since all the electronics in the world was mounted on the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz, you can consider yourself defending your side even less professional driving.

Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI 4MATIC is a car that makes you feel good, allows you to explore an off-road easy and lets you sleep soundly even if it announces heavy snowfall overnight. Average consumption of 5.6 liters announced can be achieved with exercise outside their localities and inside it will be between values ​​8-10, more than acceptable for a luxury sedan with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

You will never get an E 250 CDI 4MATIC where ML 250 can do but if the SUV is more on roads, it can be passed to refinement and driveability in the city by limousine. 250 CDI-wheel drive version consumes less, costs less, in terms of displacement due to very low taxes, and yet is very capable and good leadership. This car is a very viable alternative for those who accept that there is life after becoming rich and different cars than SUVs. And if you ask me E 250 CDI 4MATIC has sufficient assets to make you say goodbye to the idea of SUV.

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