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Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Acura NSX Sport Hybrid SH - AWD

When it was launched at the Auto Show in Detroit, and then started in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show, hybrid concept Honda/Acura NSX has shown forms painted in gray. Some say this somewhat neutral color is chosen by the producers because it allows viewers to see much better the new model lines.
However, for China, namely Beijing Auto Show, people at Honda/Acura decided to present the concept hybrid "new clothes", painted in a shade of red. NSX is the first study that has changed color from international motoring event to another. Last year, Alfa Romeo 4C received a new color - named 'Fluid Metal' - especially for the Auto Show in Frankfurt, after he had begun in Geneva with a body painted red mat.

Even if the study Acura NSX went through a change in aesthetic, the technique has remained unchanged, in other words, we speak the same naturally aspirated V6 and accompanied by electric propulsion, and the new-wheel drive Sport Hybrid SH - AWD -  which promises a very good handling.

Also, new color not closer than expected release of the series, scheduled for 2015. However, meanwhile, we'd be curious to know if you prefer the new color concept in the following photos, or original version of the presentation.

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