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Friday, May 11, 2012

BMW M Performance For M3 And M5

BMW's M Team brings freshness to M3 and M5 models, with the M Performance Package. Performance is improperly told that the package does not bring more performance, but a different look. Thus, to promote the two models, which will manufacture each containing 30 copies, BMW has released two videos of the presentation.

Made in three colors (red, blue and white), M Performance Edition comes with black wheels, matte black trim, piano black and logos named M Performance. Changes to be both BMW M3 and the BMW M5, while under the hood is expected that things will remain the same. In example a 4 liter engine and 420 hp for M3 and a 4.4 l and 552 hp for the M5.

Currently the M Performance Package is available only in Britain, where one of the 30 British models will have to pay 92,000 euros (£ 74.080) for M3 and 118,000 euros (£ 95.140) for M5. Significantly higher amounts than the M3 and M5 series models. So, you pay several thousand euros extra for a more exclusive M?

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