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Monday, May 7, 2012

Rimac Concept One Supercars

Rimac One Concept, unveiled for the first time in Frankfurt last fall, begins to go into roads. Not now, but in 2013. Interested but could already paid an initial advance at Top Marques Show in Monaco, where Rimac was present. Show, held last week only bring annual exhibits exclusive and extremely expensive. How expensive? Well let's just say that if you want to be one of the owners of the eccentric 88 Rimac must fork out $ 990,000.

You could say that is too much. And you'd be right. But only with you that other 87 will be lucky owners of a Rimac, should also compensate for the expenses. And if exclusivity is not motivating enough, its performance can be. Powered electric motors powered by four lithium-ion-phosphate, One Concept reach an output of 1088 hp, 3800 Nm and an acceleration from 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds. In other words, performance of the Veyron, but at half price. It is true that you lacking to a powerful sound, but at the same time, you look blankly at the TV when to announce fuel price rises. Thus, with a full charge, the 92 kWh battery will give the model a range of 600 km.

Since then a price is approaching $ 1 million, maintain Rimac Concept One little chance to be spotted on our streets, addressing environmentalists rather opulent.

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